Saturday, 11 December 2010

This is the End ...

Uch I hate it so much. You're nearly there, the story is almost over. But not quite yet. It's those last 10 pages, that really annoy me. You know who the murderer was, that they kissed and got married, that they saved everyone from dying, or that they all died. And then? Then there is this last bit with a couple of blablas and blublus but there is nothing in it. All you want is the book to be over, but you can't just put it away because there are only a couple of pages left.
This is why I love books that end with the peak of the climax. Murder is solved, end of the book. No celebrations or promotions afterwards, because they don't matter! They kiss each other? Good, I will assume that they spend the next days in bed, move in with each other and have a happy ever after life. But please don't make a never ending end out of it!

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