Saturday, 11 December 2010

Transgression: A Novel of Love and War by James W. Nichol

If you have some spare time and like crime novels, this one is quite enjoyable.
It's the story about Adele in 1941 in occupied France. She meets a German soldier (who is of course not all German and soldierish, but nice and handsome), they fall in love and the relationship is not allowed to work easy. The story drags on until World War II is finished ... and continues with a search.

The other story is a search in itself. There was a murder in a small town in Canada in 1946. The police chief tries to find evidence, which is of course what they do ...

As you will imagine the stories link into each other at some point. I found the first part of the story more interesting than the second half, but that might just be me. There is an interesting story in all of the characters. I didn't think it was an awesome book to read, but it was fun! I liked the way the end makes you think about the story and everyone in it. In fact I think if the ending would have been different the book would not have been so good ... so finish it, even if you get bored at some point. It's worth it and it's an easy read. Good for holiday time.

I also just found out that Mr. Nichol is a massive star in Germany (where I got the book from) but almost unknown in his home country, Canada. So if you're Canadian - give him a chance.

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