Sunday, 9 January 2011

Merci and Disgrace (?) by Jussi Adler-Olsen

Hurray for the North of the world for the crime novel authors. Here's another brilliant mind!

The series, which contains 3 books so far, plays around Detective Morck in his special operation "force" (haha, it's himself and his lovely assistant) for open cases. The characters are simply wonderful. They have fights, and crisis (massive crisis!) and problems like normal people. No perfection within the police. Far from it.

In Merci Carl and assistant get the case of a missing woman on the table. Everyone thinks she is dead because it's years and years ago. Carl goes after it anyway, in his very own way. The story doesn't only explain what he does why, it also goes into the mind and surrounding of the woman. And that's the creepy part. It's not so much a story of trying to guess who the 'murder' is, it's more of shock-horror thing when you hear what that woman has to go through. Brilliantly written!!!

In his second case (which I translated from the German book as Disgrace) he is trying to get his mind around a solved case. Weird. Starts kind of boring, gets a lot better, once you got to know how everyone is supposed to be and what actually happened. The case is of course not solved, and it's a lot more difficult to get it that way. It kind of reminded me of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo ... but I'm still not exactly sure why. It's not as exciting and grabbing as the first one, but it's still and easy and fast and well worth read!

However, if you're in the UK or the US you'll have to wait to get it. It's supposed to come out in May this year. It's worth waiting for though. Or you can try learning German until then.If you're German or are able to read it (go you!!) you can run out to your favorite bookstore now and grab a copy of both.

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