Saturday, 4 September 2010

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by J. Safran Foer

It is the BEST novel ever! Maybe I shouldn't really start my reviews with exaggerations like that? I can't help it, it just IS the best!

Extremely loud is story of 9 year old Oscar who lost his dad in 9/11. (You think uuuuaarg! I don't want to read about that? So did I. You should still read, it's so worth it!) Before his dad died Oscar and him had this ongoing game about solving problems and finding stuff merely by tiny hints. When Oscar finds a key in a vase a couple of years afterwards the game continues. Oscar goes on a journey around NY City and meets the most interesting people to find his dad's last message.

Next to Oscar's adventures Jonathan tells the story of Oscar's grand parents. The story of their love, of how they don't know each other and of how much they need each other.

Combine the stories it's heart warming as well as heart breaking. It funny as well as sad ... sometimes you get so mad at what the people have to go through that you don't even want to continue reading. You obviously still do. And you're sad that it's over when you're finished.
The good thing is that this is one of those novels which will never be boring! I read it 4 times already ... I still laugh, I still cry, and am still sad when it's over.

Ok, since this is my first post there has to be something negative about the book, right? Maybe Oscar is a little annoying at some points of the story. Only sometimes, and I think it's meant to be like this.

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