Thursday, 14 October 2010

Reading Music

Some people can't read while listening to music. Since I do everything with music in the background I can. Funny enough not with all music though.
When I read a book in German I can't listen to German music ... in some way the lyrics then interfere with the lyrics of the book and I can't concentrate. Though when I read an English book I can still listen to music with English lyrics ... as long as I don't know the song too well.
However the best thing for reading is piano music ... hmmmmm nice and calm in the background. It's just so good! Depending on the story piano music makes the mood even stronger and it is actually easier to get into the characters! I just love it!

But then I also have to say, that as soon as I am into the story I block everything out. Can't hear anything. I once left my i tunes on playlist and went to read ... when I got back to the computer the playlist was about 20 songs further and I had to click back to listen to my favorite song.

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