Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember me?

As was having coffee with a friend earlier today we were going through lists of books 'you had to read'. I know we covered this topic before ... but as I discovered that I actually had read a lot of those books I realized that I can't remember most of them. I forgot the characters, the main plot, even the end. I mean how sad is that??
We spend so much time with the book and than simply forget it? With some of them I wasn't even sure IF I actually read them. Of course some of them were school stuff, which you read in puberty. Now at this time you can't be asked about anything, so you're not supposed to remember, right? But I know, that I liked some of those books.  And it's not only those I forgot. No, books I've read over the last like 5 years or so ... I have no clue.

Neil Pasricha wrote about the awesomeness of realizing that you don't know how one of your favorite movies end in The Book of Awesome. And he is right, because it makes the movie exciting again. But how often do we read books again? So I now decide that realizing you don't know how the book you once read ends has to have a place in the imaginary book of annoyance. Or sadness.

And because I still don't have any comments, tell me how you remember the books you read. Do you keep a list? Or do you have a better memory than I do? Or maybe it doesn't make you sad at all? Let me know.

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