Friday, 14 January 2011

Bus vs train vs plane

I had this discussion with mum the other day ... where is it best to read?

When I went to school my way there was about 20 minutes by train. Homework? Read a paragraph for class? All done on the train.
After school I used to live about 45 minutes by train away from work. That meant 1 hour and 30 minutes of reading time every day. 5 days a week. I read so many books. Les Miserable took me week (well train and bed reading together), some books were finished within a day. I loved that! Absolutely. (Also wish I'd had this blog already)

Then I moved to a smaller town, where I cycled 30 minutes to work everyday. Well, over the reading. Not so many books anymore. I however still loved reading on the train on the way to the family.

Now I moved countries and also into a much smaller town. I can walk to university within 20 minutes. I also have to take a 3 hour bus journey to the airport (or 2 1/2 with the train). And the almost 2 hour flight home. And do I use those journey hours wisely? Nope. For somewhat reason I can't concentrate when I'm in the bus. Or train. All I do is sit there and stare out of the window even at night time. It is very rare and a massively good book (in fact, the last was 'Disgrace') that I spend all the time reading. But as soon as I get into the airport I start reading. I sit there, next to the boarding door and read. Walk into the plane and continue.

So how did I unlearn reading on the way? What's better about the landscape (I know by heart)? Weird. My mom is still traveling to work by train. About 30 minutes each way. Lots of books read ... and some forgotten on the train.

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