Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sharing project

Right, I kind of want this to be a little more interactive than it is now. (I know, with all the zillion readers I have ... ) So here's the plan:

Version A: You email me your address and the wish book (which is one of the book I reviewed here) and I'll send it to you. For free. And you then, in return comment your opinion of the book underneath mine, in the comment section. And then give it to a friend (or if you didn't like it, you 'forget' it at the train station).

Version B: Now this version is a lot bigger and will take a looooot more time to actually work. I'll put my read and reviewed books into Oxfam bookshops. Now first stupid thing is that there is only one in my city. I could also forget them in the bus, planes, train stations ... not sure that would speed it up. Anyway, every book that is put out there will have a little note with the blog address and a 'please tell us what you think and pass the book on' note in it.

I hear you asking: What's the point? The point is to make me rich and famous with my blog and genius idea. Besides that it gives you guys the possibility to form and post an opinion, and help other readers to decide if the book is worth reading because there are more then my valued opinion. Or if not, you could get a free book.

But before this all starts I'd like you to tell me if you like the idea. So if you do, put an x in the comments, re-tweet it or let me know on facebook. If you even want to tell me which of the plans you favor - how awesome are you.

Enough of me now, I better get back to my exam revision.


  1. I like!!

    Version A sounds good and it would be a great pleasure to join the project. But the problem is that you always read English books and my English is... mhm... you know?

    Version B is not new, except the point with the blog adress. I sympathise with your wish to became rich and famous, but otherwise I would bet that the most "abandoned" books will get lost. Unfortunately, I think, the majority of people would keep the book and would never wasting thoughts about the project making you rich and famous :)

    Puh! Hard work writing in English. I hope, you can unriddle what I want to say. :|


  2. I have some German books too:
    Tender Bar, Master and Margaretha, and Disgrace :)