Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Mind's Eye by Hakan Nesser


When Janek wakes up he can't remember a thing. His name, his age, what happened last night all taken away by the booze. Then he finds his wife drowned in the bathroom.
Of course everyone thinks it was him. There are no other traces. Off he goes to the mental ward of a hospital. Where he gets killed a little later. Looks like he wasn't wasn't the killer after all. Who was it?

It's scary, because many of us have woken up without a trace of memory from the previous night. It's scary because of the injustice done by the police. Haha, the same could happen to you!

I kind of wish there would be a little more explanation in the end. I love how the story turns against any suspicion the reader has. However it doesn't make 100 % sense because Nesser only spend about 5 pages on explaining who did what and when. Still a great and easy read for the weekend.

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