Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Love in the Time of Cholera by G. G. Marquez

My World Book Night give away.

Listen to this while you're reading ... but only if you like Shakira.

The story follows Florentino Arizo around for most of his life. Fermina is the woman he loves since he is very young. She decided against him and married a Doctor. So Florentino fills his live with other women (loads of them). He never forgets Fermina, never stops loving her. When her husband dies in a rather comical accident Florentino sees a chance for his dream love to become true. 

The awesome thing about the story, other than being unbelievably sad and romantic, is that it manages to follow him for more than 50 years. It shows his live and how it and the world around changes. The impact he makes on women, the impact he makes on their husbands, his work and his pain. Even though 50 years sound really long for a novel ... it never gets boring. There is just so much happening in his life (and of course you also want to know if they manage to get together in the end) so it's a relatively easy, but also really interesting read.

Let me know if you want a copy ... I have about 45 of them lying around. The copies are of course for the world book night. But living in Aberdeen there will be no major event ... so it won't be the easiest thing to get the books to people.

(Btw. if you have seen the movie and thought it was super dramatic and screamy and girly, don't be scared. I love the movie because of all the above factors, but the book is a lot better.)

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