Saturday, 9 October 2010

Let's see if Comrie is right?

So, it's Man Booker Prize 2010 next week. The BBC send this years shortlist to Comrie in Perthshire to see what the people think of the books.
Quite a nice idea I thought, although I was instantly jealous of the inhabitants; getting the 'best' books of the year for free brought to your door? How wonderful would my life be?
Anyway, Comrie decided on 'Room' and the way the talked about the book just brought me close to tears. It' a story of a 5 year old boy who spends his life locked in a room. AND it's also narrated by him.
2nd place in Comrie was 'Parrot and Olivier in America' playing in the time of French Revelotion ... a little more comical but wise and hughly entertaining, according to Comrie.

I think if Comrie says the books are woth reading, and even worth winning the Man Booker Price I'll read them too. I have saved them on my wish list, since the BBC is not coming over to give me the books for free ...

(Btw. I really don't care who actually wins the Man Booker Price now, because those people in Cumrie were just so much more honest and lovely ... they read the books with their heart and not on highly literary standards. Thank you Comrie and please invite me for next year.)

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  1. Well, turns out they were not right, Man Booker Price went to The Finkler Question (to see more: