Monday, 11 October 2010

The Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakow

Wow ... how weird!
Not the easiest story to get into but once you're in it, you won't want to get out. It's all crazy images of massive sized cats, naked people in the streets and great parties with all evil people you could imagine. And why all this? The devil. Jupp that's right. The main character of this story is Satan himself.
There are of course also the man who is known as the Master and his sad love Margarita, there are all sorts of people from the the theater and of course half of Moscow. Of course none of them believe in the devil. Neither do they believe in Jesus or Pontius Pilatus, who also make a big part of the story.
You get confused already, right? So was I in the beginning ... but after a while everything explains itself and the whole story with ALL it's characters actually makes sense.

It takes some time and effort but it's so absolutely worth reading when the time allows it. There really are some images you won't get out of your head once you're finished.

(I read it in German and don't know exactly how good the English translation is ... but I guess even with a bad translation the story will be the same, right)

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